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Rokkan Music



Age 10195 years old
Hometown U2 dimension
Height 160cm
Weight 39kg
Interests Fashion design, DJ, Improve my senses
Special skill Piano

Even before her debut, amatsuuni had more than 100,000 fans on social media, with a great many from Indonesia and Thailand. She has experience with all facets of anime, including as lyricist, voice actor, cosplay, columnist and character design. Her September 2017 interview on website KAI-YOU broke records with over 60,000 views. March of 2018 saw the release of her first single "KIMIZORA", with views of the music video quickly topping 100,000. She was selected in the best top 15 on SHOWROOM.

Her major label debut with Rokkan Music came with single "silent days" in April 2019, which was chosen as the main theme for the anime "Joshi Kausei"



  • 1st Single "KIMIZORA" Streaming release
  • App "RaveStreet" navigation character
  • Inaugurated as the image model of Akihabara Radio Kaikan "Gift Shop The Akiba"
  • Sanrio's "Cinnamon Roll Café" reporter
  • Role of Mercury Armament Desusize in app game "Revolve Act-S-"
  • Appearance on main stage at anime festival "Re:animation12"
  • JOYSOUND karaoke October commercial appearance
  • LINE LIVE "amatsuuni and Yoshio Kojima First Collaboration SP LIVE"
  • Ambassador for CAPCOM's "Onimusha"
  • Appearance on internet program "CAPCOM Channel"
  • Reporter at CAPCOM booth at Jump Festa 2018
  • Guest on radio show "Shibuya Joshi Project"
  • Written up in Famitsu magazine


  • 2nd single "secret star" is released
  • Role of Ogronou on TV Anime "Kemono Friends 2"
  • TV Anime "Joshi Kausei" main theme song (Broadcast April 2019)