• Minato Aoi
  • Kokoro Tosaki
  • Toa Utaori
  • Itsuki Kaido


The group that wraps you up in its happiness...

From the first year of the new Japanese era REIWA comes the cross-dressing song and dance unit EUPHORIA.

Toa Utaori / 詩織叶逢

Birthday July 3
Hometown Saitama Prefecture
Interests Researching the IDOL life
Special skills Dance, spicy cooking
Member color Red
Personality Natural-born producer. Typically calm and cool, but within his heart dwells a passionate fighting spirit that takes the performance of fellow members to a new level.

Itsuki Kaido / 海憧乙綺

Birthday July 13
Hometown Gunma Prefecture
Interests Gardening
Special skills Dance, exercise of any type
Member color Green
Personality The spark of the group and it's mood-maker. His incredible athletic skills lend themselves perfectly to powerful and dynamic dance moves. Nickname is "Ikkun".

Kokoro Tosaki / 翔咲 心

Birthday September 14
Hometown Tokyo
Interests Sweets shop touring
Special skills Finding gourmet food
Member color Yellow
Personality An elegant childhood spent learning violin, he can be a bit of an airhead. Tosaki has more fun up on stage than anyone, thoroughly enchanting all who lay eyes on him.

Minato Aoi / 碧井湊都

Birthday February 3
Hometown Kagawa Prefecture
Interests World heritage site / Buddhist statue touring
Special skills Karate, lawn darts
Member color Blue
Personality An actual black belt in karate with several victories under his belt. Polite and high-spirited. The incredible performance woven from his naturally long limbs is truly a sight to behold.